About Us

Journalism Department of Ming Chuan University (MCU) was established in 1999 to cultivate talented journalists. Our department combines theoretical and practical courses to cultivate professional news media personnel with responsibility, news writing & editing skill and international field of vision. In response to the development and change of the media industry, the convergent and innovative models are adopted. Our department combines the timely theory and practice to fully connect with industry for journalism professional education and empirical training, as well as to integrate traditional and new media for digital integrated lean education and practical training. The most distinctive courses of Journalism Department are "News Principles and Editing" and "News Reporting and Writing". These two courses are co-taught in small classes by professors well versed in journalism theory and senior journalists with practical expertise in the news media industry. Basically, for these two courses, there are practical assignments every two week. To resolve students' learning difficulties in real time, participation and discussion in the class are also required. The course "Media Practices" in the third year of Journalism Department is another distinction. Students choose internships in different media according to their interests. They personally participate in news interviewing, news editing and reporting. Through multiple courses and various training activities training, the students' practice publication "Media News", which reports events about news media in Taiwan, has become an outstanding feature of our department. Currently, our department has 7 full-time faculty members, all of whom hold a PhD degree in communication or communication-related fields with empirical experience in the media industry. In addition, there are 18 part-time faculty members, all of whom have abundant media-industry work experiences. To pursue the highest journalism standards, our department offers an integrated communication program that emphasizes journalism ethics, theories and practices. These allow the students to become well-rounded, collaborative, and ethical professionals with international field of vision.


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism