Famous Alumni

Well-Known Alumni of the Journalism Department

Over the past 30 years, Ming Chuan University School of Communication has cultivated many outstanding media people as the important cradle of talents in the media industry. Including Business weekly Group CEO WANG,WEN-JING, Chinese Times Weekly Deputy Editor-in-Chief ZHANG,YI-WEN, China Times Deputy Editor-in-Chief CHEN,WAN-DA, CTI Television “Everybody Speaks Nonsense” Producer CHEN,ZHI-HONG winner of the TV Golden Bell Award, “Chao Di Zhuang Yuan” Producer WANG,SHU-JUAN, Next TV News Anchor CEN,YONG-KANG, Chinese Public Television Anchor LIN,XIN-YI, Taiwan Television Enterprise Anchor YAO,JIA-QIAN, EBC Anchor HAN,PEI-YING, EBC Financial Anchor ZHANG,YA-FANG, Broadcast Golden Bell Award winner presenter CHANG,QIN-FEN and WANG,JIE-AN, the film director of “MIAO MIAO” CHENG,XIAO-ZE, Artist WANG,SHAO-WEI, WENG,RUI-DI excellent alumni.

Liu Caiwei

Bachelor of Journalism, Ming Chuan University, Master of National Taiwan University Political Research Institute

TVBS News Grand Vernacular Substitute Host
TVBS also serves as anchor
TVBS Political Correspondent
TVBS editing station work student

I think that "News has no boundaries, and life is not limited." I served as a work-student at the TVBS editor station during the school year. What I learn about news is to look at the world and see the society, learn to communicate, learn to accumulate contacts, learn to have a strong mind, and learn any expertise. Strong curiosity, love the first scene, want to know people that others can't reach, want to know information that others don't know, want to go to places that others can't go, etc., believe that "knowledge of news is unimpeded in life."

Wu Shiyu

Bachelor of Journalism, Ming Chuan University

Hakka TV news anchor
Writer and anchor of Hakka TV station Ministry of Information Villagers' Meeting Program Host

Miao Zonghan

Bachelor of Journalism, Ming Chuan University, Master's Program of East Asian Institute of Chengchi University

Now a reporter from the Central News Agency

Wang Youran

Bachelor of Journalism, Ming Chuan University

Former TV host, now live web host

  • WANG,JIE-AN|Winner of the Radio Golden Bell Award, Radio Presenter
  • WANG,WEN-JING|Chief Executive of Business Weekly Group
  • WANG,ZHEN-YI|Manager, Public Affairs Office, HSBC
  • WANG,YU-LI|Professor, Department of Mass Communication, Chinese Culture University
  • WANG,SHAO-WEI|Artist “5566”members
  • WU,MEI-HUI|Vice President of BW Talks
  • CEN,YONG-KANG|Next TV News Anchor
  • LI,MEI-HONG|Chief Editor of Smart Monthly
  • LIN,LI-HUA|Associate, Vice President, Eastern Broadcasting Company
  • LI,WEN-CHUN|Executive Editor of Apple Daily
  • LIN,XIN-YI|Chinese Public Television Anchor
  • YAO,JIA-QIAN|TTV Main Channel Anchor
  • WENG,RUI-DI (A BEN)|Artist “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” members
  • CHANG,QIN-FEN|Winner of the Radio Golden Bell Award, Radio Presenter
  • ZHANG,YI-WEN|Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Times Weekly
  • ZHANG,YA-FANG|EBC Financial Anchor
  • GUO,REN-JIE|General Manager, Media Division, Omniad Media Incorporation
  • CHEN,WAN-DA|Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Times
  • CHEN,ZHEN-SU|TVBS Program Director
  • CHEN,ZHI-HONG|CTI Television “Everybody Speaks Nonsense” Producer
  • MAI,LI-JUAN|Professor, Associate Dean, School of Communication, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai
  • PENG,ZHEN-DONG|General Manager of Eastern Broadcasting Media Technology Taipei City Systems Station
  • ZHENG,JIN-LI|Lecturer, Department of Chinese, National Dong Hwa University
  • CHENG,XIAO-ZE|Film Director of “MIAO MIAO”
  • FENG,JUN-HUA|Deputy General Manager and Director of Xian Sheng Radio Station
  • HUANG,ZONG-REN|Director of the Hsinchu County Police Department
  • HUANG,HU-TAI|Head of the Taipei Station of the Police Radio Network
  • YANG,QING-EN|Deputy General Manager of Marketing, JUSHI Communications
  • WEN,CHUN-HUA|Deputy Chief Executive, Free Times Life News Group
  • LIU,DE-HUI|General Manager of Quan Fu Communications
  • XIAO,YAO-WEN|Director of the Greater Taipei Information Center of the United Daily News
  • LUO,CHENG|General Manager of the Greater Chinese Information Center of the United Daily News
  • XIE,MEI-QING|General Manager of Agora Garden
  • HAN,PEI-YING|EBC News Anchor